Friday, October 24, 2014

Totten Call Shadow Political Group's TV Ads a Lie

Bill Schuette's campaign strategy seems to be based on two tactics:
  1. Lie about his opponent's qualifications, and
  2. Lie about his own achievements

Earlier this week a federal judge said Schuette was missing-in-action on fighting human trafficking, even though Schuette is carpet-bombing Michigan TV with an ad praising him for a fight he did not wage.

Today, Mark Totten's campaign called on TV stations around Michigan to take down an advertisement paid for by the shadowy Michigan Advocacy Trust, a dark money group funded by unknown sources. The ad lies about Totten's experience as a federal prosecutor, taking its lead from Bill Schuette's desperate attempts to direct the narrative away from his career of pursuing right-wing crusades that leave everyone less safe.

“These lies show just how desperate Bill Schuette and his shadowy right-wing friends have become,” campaign manager John Keig said in a statement, “Because poll after poll shows that afters 30 years in office, Bill Schuette can't get a majority of Michiganders willing to vote for him. They will try anything, and they are willing to lie in the process.”

The ad lies by saying Totten was not a “real” prosecutor, when former U.S. Attorney Don Davis previously said in very clear terms that Mark Totten was a federal prosecutor. (Gongwer, 9/26/14) The ad also claims that Mark Totten never handled a criminal case, but his arguments before the United States 6th Circuit are also on the public record. (U.S. v. Sanford, 2012; U.S. v. Woods, 2013; U.S. v. Sims, 2013; U.S. v. Young, 2012)

In addition to these established facts, Donald A. Davis, former United States Attorney also released a statement today reiterating his previous remarks: “Mark Totten served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, and as such was a federal prosecutor. He performed at a high-level, like all our attorneys, and handled the challenging cases assigned to him well.”

The Michigan Advocacy Trust is a 527 group, meaning that it does not disclose its donors. It is run by Richard McClellan, secretary of the board of directors for the extreme, right-wing Mackinac Center. The MAT spent lavishly on Bill Schuette's first run for attorney general, and has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars from undisclosed sources for ads this cycle.

Mark Totten has been endorsed by over thirty top law-enforcement officials across the state. In addition, he has been endorsed by the Michigan Association of Police and the Police Officers Labor Council, representing thousands of uniformed officers.

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