Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Links

The Curmudgeon is a little miffed he wasn't asked to be an extra for this week's filming of Batman vs. Superman at Michigan State University. But he takes solace in watching the Senate race that has evolved into Regular Guy vs. Mom-With-Two-Kids-Who-Likes-Mail.


New Non-Partisan Study Shows Michigan's K-12 Spending Down 9.5% in 7 Years

This study should make Rick Snyder very nervous.
Michigan support for K-12 education this year is down 9.5% from 2007. The study comes from the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The organization finds that most states, in fact, have reduced support for public education. What makes Michigan's 9.5% cut even more serious is the fact that most of the funding for K-12 schools comes from the state. In many other states there is a larger local component to school funding.
Further complicating the story for schools is that most local tax support is through property taxes, and property values crashed in the Bush Great Recession and have not fully recovered.
So the next time Rick Snyder uses his accounting gimmicks to claim increased support for educating our kids, watch his nose grow a little longer...

New Pro-Schauer Ad Goes for the Jugular

The Democratic Governors Association takes aim at the "missing column" that Mark Schauer talked about in the Town Hall joint appearance: people. And it is powerful.

ABC NEWS: The GOP Senate Candidate Republicans Love to Hate

Yes, America is taking note of the incredibly incompetent and clueless candidate the Grand Old Party has foisted on us Michiganders. "Silent Terri" Lynn Land has taken the vacuous charm of Sarah Palin, combined it with the stealth of a Ninja, and created a campaign people will remember for a long, long time. (One difference from the Palin campaign: the Quitta from Wasilla turned her adventure into a multi-million-dollar career. "Silent Terri" has wasted $3-million of her family fortune, and only managed to embarrass herself.)
ABC News correspondent Noah Weiland has a scathing summary of the implosion of the Land campaign.

The Opposite of Voter Suppression

Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) trails
in the polls, but hopes vote-by-mail will
mean a bigger turnout that
returns him to Washington
While many states (the ones controlled by Republicans) institute a variety of measures designed to make it harder for people to vote – especially people in groups that tend to vote for Democrats – the state of Colorado is doing the opposite.
The Rocky Mountain (Really) High state is conducting this year's election by mail. That's right, you don't have to go to a special location to
vote. You sit in your living room or at the dining room table and vote (just like the Curmudgeon's family, which is voting using Absent Voter ballots).
For the politicians it makes the process a little more complicated, because they can't build their campaign calendars counting back from "Election Day." Now it's "Election Month."
Ballots are being mailed to every registered voter. It will be fascinating to see 1) what impact this has on voter participation, and 2) how much Republicans whine over imagined vote fraud by the unions and other dastardly groups.

Peters Stays Positive in TV Ad

And for good reason. With a decent-and-growing lead over Land, Congressman Gary Peters has the freedom to actually talk about something that matters. In his latest TV ad he plays it safe, though, taking on everyone's favorite international punching bag: the Chinese and their constant cheating in trade relations with the U.S.

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