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Here's what's happening around the internet on the last warm Pure Michigan day until next April --

Happy birthday Mark Schauer!

Welcome Back to Michigan, Mitt
Mitt Romney is back in Michigan (a state he lost to Obama by 10 points) to support the campaign of "Silent Terri Lynn" Land. The state Democratic Party is making sure Mitt's homecoming is memorable.

You may recall Romney's epic 2008 op-ed in the New York Times headlined "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt." In case you need a refresher, click here.
The key to Romney's plan was to have GM and Chrysler get restructuring loans from the private sector instead of the feds. One problem: no private investors were interested, not even the folks at Romney's own Bain Capital. And Silent Terri backed Romney's proposal (although she's backing away now), and also attacked Gary Peters for his support of Bush-era auto retooling loans even though Peters wasn't in Congress when they were enacted.
Nice of Mitt to visit us so Democrats can remind Michigan voters about why they turned him down. One clue that the Romney visit is a little toxic: Governor Snyder's schedule won't allow him to join his party's 2012 presidential candidate for any of today's events ... and he is studiously avoiding any appearances with TLL.
The Mitten's speech in support of Land kind of trashed the very absent Rick Snyder, who had a "scheduling conflict" and couldn't be bothered to attend the rally. Romney s
Millionaires' Reunion in Livonia
upported Land's call to repeal Obamacare (modeled after Romneycare, lest we forget) and also spoke out against the Common Core standards for schools, something strongly supported by Snyder.
Romney, who appears to be angling to make a third run for the White House, also claimed the borders would be more secure with Land in the Senate, ignoring the fact that deportations are up and illegal border crossings down under Obama.

Michigan Public Radio commentator Jack Lessenberry has an excellent column on the strange campaign of the Mute of Michigan, and her unwillingness to talk with reporters, her opponent and anyone else who might disagree with her.
Good at quietly drinking coffee, not so good at talking
with reporters or voters
Mostly she, or someone in her campaign, just sends a spokeswoman out to represent her views as if Land were, say, the Wizard of Oz.... Do we really want a U.S. senator who is unwilling or unable to explain her views to the press or in person?

Land will emerge from behind the curtain, at least for an hour, tomorrow (October 3) with a live one-hour call-in program on Michigan Public Radio. The program begins at 9 a.m. The call-in number is (866) 255-2762; questions can also be relayed through Facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #MiCalling.

Two New Polls - It's Still a Toss-up
Five weeks out and the two latest polls show the gubernatorial race too close to call.
A poll released today by Lake Research Partners shows dead-heat for Governor (44-43% Snyder). The same firm showed Snyder with an 8-point lead in August.
The latest EPIC/MRA poll puts Rick Snyder on top of Mark Schauer 45-39%, with 8% going to a third-party candidate. The same poll shows leads for both Attorney General Bill Schuette (38-32%) and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (40-30%) over Mark Totten and Geoffrey Dillard, respectively. All three leads in the EPIC/MRA survey are higher than those in other recent polls which showed Schauer and Snyder tied, Totten narrowly leading Schuette and Johnson with a slim 4-point lead over Dillard.

Commentary by Detroit Free Press columnist Nancy Kaffer. Crass sexism courtesy of the College Republican National Committee.

Welcome to Snyder Scandals
It's been a bit of a challenge keeping up with all the scandals swirling around The Accountant and his Relentless Positive Action. So the good folks at Progress Michigan have kindly consolidated the information in an easy-to-use website that provides things like facts, context and documentation.
Now you have one-source shopping for the latest research on

  • Two-state resident Rich Baird, whose real home depends on tax loopholes
  • Rick Snyder's $1.8-billion giveaway to businesses while raising taxes on seniors, reducing money going into K-12 classrooms and helping out his cousin's furniture business
  • Corrections Director Dan Heyns for looking out for Aramark's stockholders
  • Former Treasurer and former faux Democrat Andy Dillon for looking out for Andy Dillon
  • Former MSHDA Director Scott Woolsey, a man who never experienced a expense-account dinner that was too expensive
  • EAA chief John Covington, another appointee who excelled in living la vida loca at taxpayer expense
  • And Supreme Court Justices David Viviano and Brian Zahra, champions of Michigan corporations

Detroit Metro Says 'Yes' to Limo Companies, 'No' to Michigan Flyer
Although it probably violates Americans with Disabilities Act, the folks at DTW have moved the popular mass transit option to a horrid location about 500 feet from the McNamara Terminal.
Instead of being able to wait in a comfortable, heated area for the hourly bus rides to Ann Arbor and Lansing, passengers will have to traipse through the parking ramp and wait in the cold. The action was taken despite the opposition of the State Transportation Commission, Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority, and even Governor Snyder.
This decision poses a significant hardship to people with disabilities, seniors and families with children. The folks at the Flyer are asking supporters to write letters-to-the-editor, and to post comments on Delta Airlines Facebook page (a lot of Delta passengers arrive via the Flyer).
The Curmudgeon has no ties to the Michigan Flyer other than as an occasional paying customer.

No Explanation Needed - Just A Signature on an E-Petition

Arkansas GOP candidate for Attorney General Not a Arkansas Registered Voter
This is just too ironic to ignore.
The GOP is always citing non-existent voter fraud to justify voter suppression legislation (such as overly stringent voter ID requirements). Now we have an actual case of voter fraud for them to latch on to. But it is knocking their candidate for Attorney General off of the Arkansas ballot.
Rutledge, like Rich Snyder aide
Rich Baird, apparently isn't sure
where she lives
It seems that Leslie Rutledge, a former aide to Fox Noise host Mike "Holier Than Thou" Huckabee, is registered to vote in Washington D.C. and maybe also in Virginia. Despite that she voted by absentee ballot in Arkansas' 2008 general election.
Now, her county clerk has cancelled her voter registration because of the apparent dual registrations. And she can't be on the ballot if she isn't a registered Arkansas voter.

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