Friday, October 3, 2014

Snyder Delays MSHDA Scandal Report

Chalk this one up in the "surprise, surprise" category – the Snyder administration is burying the internal investigation into the scandal at his Michigan State Housing Authority until after the election, according to a report from MIRS news service.
Of course.
Unless MSHDA auditors find a way to justify taxpayer-funded gourmet dinners, limousine rides, private airplanes, business-class overseas flights and general expense-account gluttony, it will be embarrassing.
Just to refresh our memories, MSHDA Director Scott Woolsey was caught (thanks to a FOIA request from Michigan Democrats) wasting hundreds-of-thousands of tax supporting a lifestyle more appropriate for a highly paid corporate leader. One of his expense account vouchers requested $47.60 reimbursement for a dinner consisting of three glasses of really expensive rum.
Within a day after Woolsey's ridiculous spending was revealed by Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson, he was gone - "resigned" on a Friday afternoon after a chat with Snyder's chief of staff.
The Woolsey episode is just one in a litany of mini-scandals involving several top Snyder appointees including Treasurer Andy Dillon, special advisor Rich Baird and former Education Excellence Authority chancellor John Covington.

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