Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mid-week Links

The Curmudgeon is overwhelmed deleting emails from campaigns all across America warning me that he hasn't given enough/anything – which makes him feel very inadequate. So he returns to the internet where he controls his destiny with a simple control-alt-delete.

The Minimum Wage in People Terms

For some people (i.e., Republicans) economic issues are about balance sheets and the bottom line. For others, economic issues are about people. That, in two sentences, is the argument over the minimum wage. For Republicans, having a livable minimum wage might cut into the bottom line of their biggest, wealthiest donors. For Democrats, having a livable minimum wage means lifting a lot of hard-working Americans out of poverty and giving meaning to the concept of "dignity of work."
Here's how the White House explains it on the White Board:

Michigan State, Other College Grads to Enter Growing Job Market

The Obama economy is working. After a decade of stagnant job prospects for college graduates, "employers are recruiting new college graduates at levels not seen since the dot-com frenzy of 1999-2000," MSU's Phil Gardner told
Gardner, who heads heads MSU's College Employment Research Institute, said the hottest prospects are in information services, finance and insurance, government , and professional/business/scientific services.
It is interesting that the last hiring boom for college grads came in the second term of our last Democratic president, Bill Clinton ... and then cratered during the 8 years of George W. Bush.

Why Snyder Can't Tell the Truth About Same-Sex Marriage

Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson explains why Snyder, who claims to be a leader and not a politician, refuses to lead on the most pressing civil rights issue of our time: ending legal discrimination against the LGBT community.
He's afraid it will hurt him politically. And, Dickerson speculates, Snyder hasn't even given much thought to the merits of the issue "I'd be surprised if Snyder has spent 15 dog minutes worrying about the legal status of same-sex couples, except insofar as the timing of any court decision impacts his re-election prospects." In other words, deep down he really doesn't care.
Which brings back Mark Schauer's best – and most telling – line of the Town Hall meeting: "our accountant governor is missing some columns on his spreadsheet, and it's people."

Michigan Senate Race: Mostly "Dark" Money

The Peters-Land race has become a big-money shootout, with the bulk of the money coming from outside Michigan.
One of the more interesting statistics, though, in the latest report through mLive is that Gary Peters has out-raised Terri Lynn Land ... if you don't take into account that Land donated to her own campaign. Peters' has taken in $6.9-million, and Land has non-personal donations of $5.7-million. (Land still hasn't explained the discrepancy between her personal financial disclosure statements and her massive contribution to the campaign. If her personal financial disclosure is to be believed, she didn't have anywhere near the $3-million available to give to her campaign. But it would have been illegal for her husband to donate the money, so she's silent on this issue.)
The outside money has come from the "usual suspects" on both sides: $18.2-million supporting Land, $14.1-million for Peters.

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