Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Koch-Funded Think Tank Honors Rick Snyder

The Tax Foundation has, for the second year, honored Rick Snyder for "Outstanding Achievement in Tax Reform" for his policy of slashing business taxes and raising taxes on families.
The Tax Foundation calls itself "non-partisan," but it has long been recognized as a front for big-business interests. It was founded by a group of business people which included Alfred P. Sloan and Donaldson Brown of General Motors, Standard Oil Company president William Farish and Johns-Manville Corporation president Lewis Brown.
The Kochs love their buddy Rick Snyder
A recent chairman of the Tax Foundation board was Wayne Gable, whose day job is Managing Director of Federal Affairs at Koch Industries, and president of the Charles G. Koch Foundation. The current board is composed primarily of corporate big-shots.
The Koch Foundation has provided the Tax Foundation with substantial funding over the years as part of the former's vast web of political support (including ongoing support for the equally right-wing Mackinac Center, another bastion of don't-tax-the-rich philosophy).
As one comment on the mLive story said, "this is like the DeVos family getting an award from the Mackinac Center."
The Curmudgeon is pretty certain that if Mark Schauer were given an award from a national non-partisan group like, for instance, the Economic Policy Institute, the news story would be certain to identify the organization as a liberal or progressive group chaired by Rich Trumka of the AFL-CIO with several other labor leaders on the board. Apparently, being a Koch subsidiary isn't relevant to a story relating to an election coming up in 2 weeks.

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