Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A New Low for GOP Campaigns?

When it comes to slimeball campaign tactics, it seems like everything has been done. But a new tactic, being used in west Michigan's 61st District, may set a new standard for disgusting.
The Michigan Republican Party is mailing out a flyer urging voters to call candidate John Fisher's mother to complain about Obamacare. Fisher's 91-year-old mother, Isabel Marie Kramb, is in hospice care with congestive heart failure.
The flyer includes her bedside
Fisher's campaign platform includes repealing the
Snyder/GOP pension tax
telephone number.

“The Republican Party has encouraged people to call me before, which worked to my advantage, because most people agree with me that policies that improve life for families and seniors are good for Michigan,” Fisher said. “But to direct people to call a suffering woman who deserves peace and comfort is beyond the pale. Their lack of ethics and contempt for personal privacy is just another reason for people to question what – or better, who – the Republican Party stands for, so that they can make a wise decision at the ballot box on Nov. 4.”
Beyond being disgusting, the flyer is also ironic given all the laws Republicans have passed that hurt seniors:
  • The Pension Tax
  • Cutting funding for in-home care for seniors
  • Major reductions in the Homestead Property Tax Credit
  • Eliminating the senior citizen tax exemption
  • Phasing out the Senior Investment Deduction based on age

“I am disgusted that Republicans are recklessly bullying my mother when she needs rest and quiet the most, but she is not the only senior in Michigan whose life has been disrupted because of them. My competitor, Brandt Iden, should denounce the Michigan Republican Party for such appalling tactics in his name,” Fisher said. 
“Lansing Republicans showed contempt for all seniors when they forced them to pay extra in order to fund giveaways for major corporations. The men and women who worked hard all their lives so that their families could succeed deserve better than that, and I will work hard to protect the dignity and security of Michigan seniors when I am in Lansing.”
If you want to let Michigan Republican Chairman Bobby Schostak know you are disgusted with his campaign tactics, you can call him at (517) 487-5413. That's his office phone, and not his mother's number.

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