Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snyder's New Prison Food Monitor Was Forced Out of Florida Job

Following the precedent set with the hiring of his first Education Achievement Authority director, Governor Snyder has hired an out-of-stater who was forced out of his previous job.
Edwin Buss was pushed out as Florida's
Corrections Director after just six months on the job
John Covington (who eventually was pushed out of the EAA for his free-spending ways on things like chauffeurs and travel) had earlier been pushed out of Kansas City school district. Shortly after he left KC, the district lost its accreditation.
Now the Governor has brought in Floridian Edwin Buss to oversee the so-far so-poor performance of prisons food services provider Aramark.
Buss was pushed out as Florida's Director of Corrections after only six months on the job by Governor Rick Scott. Scott's office had cancelled two contracts signed on behalf of the state by Buss:

  • An agreement allowing filming of MSNBC's "Lockup" at a Florida prison
  • A program to privatize health care at the state's 60 prisons.

After getting the heave-ho from Scott, Buss went to work for Correctional Healthcare Companies Inc., a Tennessee company which outsources medical and mental health care for prisoners.
Always nice to know Michigan can count on retreads from other states to handle the big stuff.

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