Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pressure Growing on Land, Snyder to Debate

I admit it: if I was advising Terri Lynn Land, I would do everything possible to keep her away from unscripted situations. She isn't comfortable talking with reporters and her knowledge of issues relevant to being a United States Senator are, at best, bumper-sticker deep.
And if I were Rick Snyder, I'd be uncomfortable watching him being forced to respond to many aspects of his "tough choices" agenda that has mostly been tough on working families to the benefit of his fellow millionaires.
For "Silent Terri" the no-debate strategy makes sense even though she is a distinct underdog in the Senate race.
All political junkies (including, we must assume, her staff) have seen the book and TV movie "Game Change" which documented the trainwreck campaign of The Quitta' from Wasilla. There is no mistaking that deer-in-the-headlights look with a candidate and, when she is forced to think on her feet, that generally describes TLL's demeanor.
And Rick Snyder? His campaign claims of creating jobs, denying tax increases on seniors, attacking working families, failing to get his own party to approve his road-repair proposals, fighting marriage equality and taking money out of K-12 classrooms is a campaign of misrepresentations and mistruths. Add to that mix an ongoing series of relatively small but consistently troubling "scandals" and you have a Governor who is afraid to face his opponent mano a mano.
The pressure for them to actually go face-to-face with Gary Peters and Mark Schauer is growing, and not just from the salivating left-wing media. Newspapers like the Detroit News and Holland Sentinel have joined with the Detroit Free Press in demanding the Koch-funded duo come out from behind the curtain.
The two GOP millionaires and their rich friends have combined for $20-million-and-counting to confuse and mislead the voters.
Thanks to deep-pocket supporters (and great personal wealth) they can run. The question is: can they continue to hide?

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