Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pam Byrnes Comes Out Swinging

The 7th Congressional District is a national target. Club For Growth acolyte Tim Walberg was able to keep his seat in Congress only thanks to a gerrymandered district that intentionally moved Mark Schauer out of town. He received 53% of the vote running against a woefully underfunded Democrat, Kurt Haskell.
Walberg is a far-right-wing fundamentalist who supports the entire tea party "government-is-evil-let's-privatize-everything-and-slash-taxes" agenda.
But he can be a bit of a hypocrite ... and former state Representative Pam Byrnes is making sure people know about it.
Walberg hates government spending, yet he collects both his $176,000 federal salary PLUS a $60,000 state pension for his time in the Legislature. He abhores "government healthcare" but he and his family have lifetime free medical coverage, also from the taxpayers of Michigan. And he voted to shut down the government while continuing to collect his two government paychecks.
Byrnes, on the other hand, sponsored the law that ends lifetime medical coverage for former legislators and supported cuts in state legislative pay.
Her first TV ad gets right to the point...

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