Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Gary Peters Ad Accentuates the Positive

While Terri Lynn Land and her billionaire buddies focus on attacking Gary Peters, Peters is comtinuing to promote a positive message about his values and the values of Michigan. Nice to see...

This ad comes on a day when the latest PPP poll shows Peters' lead expanding to seven points, and Land's approval rating at an all-time low.

From the Peters' campaign team:
Gary’s positive strategy couldn’t be any further from Land’s. She continues to hide between an almost entirely negative smear campaign and nearly $12 million in special interest spending.
If you watched the ad, you saw that Gary joined the U.S. Navy Reserve when he was 34 because he thought he could do more to serve. Now he’s ready ready fight for Michigan’s middle class families and our veterans in the Senate.

Share or tweet out “Service” to keep spreading his positive message and help him get there.

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