Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BREAKING: The Tough Nerd Chickens Out

Governor Rick Snyder, the self-described tough nerd accountant who has fixed Michigan's economic foundation, isn't willing to defend his record in a debate.
Snyder told reporters today "I don't know if they <the voters> need to (see a debate). If you look at it, there's been years where it didn't happen in the past in the governors' race."
Well, he's wrong about recent history.
One candidate wants to talk about issues.
One candidate wants to avoid defending his record.
There's been at least one gubernatorial debate in every campaign this century. Jennifer Granholm debate Dick Posthumus twice in 2002, and debated Richard Amway DeVos three times in 2006. Snyder and Virg Bernero met once in 2010, and also participated on a joint appearance in front of the Detroit Economic Club.
The last campaign without a debate was in 1998 when John Engler laughed off requests to debate the always entertaining Geoffrey Fieger.
Mark Schauer earlier today accepted debate invitations from both the ABC and CBS stations in Detroit, Michigan Public Television. Schauer also had accepted an invitation from WOTV-Grand Rapids, but that debate was cancelled when Snyder refused to agree.
Schauer also agreed to a joint appearance at the Detroit Economic Club, but Snyder bowed out, citing a scheduling conflict with a fundraiser. (He's probably having dinner at the DeVos home...).
Governor Snyder says he "welcomes" taking questions from citizens, just not citizens who might be running for Governor.
In the Senate race, "Silent Terri Lynn" Land continues to avoid the 'D' word as well as reporters. Despite being the underdog, her handlers are clearly desperate to avoid a debate with Gary Peters for obvious reasons.

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