Monday, September 15, 2014

BREAKING - Michigan Dems Questions Whether Baird Dodging Pension Tax

As regular readers of this-here blog might recall, we have been asking for a few weeks whether Governor Snyder's mysterious go-to "Transformation Chief" is using his two homes ... and his conflicting claims of residency ... to dodge the pension tax he helped Snyder create and enact.
(How secretive is Baird? If you check The Google, you won't find a single picture of Snyder and Baird together even though they see each other almost every day.)
Michigan Democrats are now on Baird's case, asking him to provide proof he isn't a Michigan tax dodger. Here's the Cliff's Notes version of the case against Baird:

  • Rich Baird's home is in Illinois or Michigan, depending on what works best for Rich Baird
  • He's registered to vote in Michigan (although he voted in Illinois in 2012)
  • He is a Republican precinct delegate in Clinton County (a position which requires you to be a resident of Michigan)
  • On an affidavit signed earlier this year, he swore under oath that he has been a resident of Michigan for three years
  • Until last spring, he had an Illinois driver's license although state law requires residents to have a Michigan license
  • His car is registered in Illinois, although Michigan law requires Michigan residents to have Michigan license plates
  • Although he's a resident of Michigan, he claims for tax purposes that his home in Illinois is his primary residence.

Baird is retired from the massive international accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers where he was a senior managing partner. As such he is entitled to a pretty sizable pension (and he also has access to some of the best tax-dodging advisers in the world).
The Michigan Democratic Party has done a little research which suggests that Baird should be paying Michigan's pension tax. (Illinois does not tax retirement income.)
Right now, we don't know if he does or does not. However, The Curmudgeon sent an inquiry to the Governor's highly paid press secretary two weeks ago asking about the issue. Apparently our email got lost in the shuffle because we have received no response.
We have our suspicions. After all, this is the administration that

  • paid Andy Dillon's salary while the Republican-turned Democrat-turned-Republican again took a Caribbean cruise
  • lobbied for a $42-million furniture contract for the Governor's cousin.
  • jacked up the pay for some Treasury department appointees by as much as 90%.
  • had a secret slush fund that was used to pay Baird's salary, as well as cover the rent for its Detroit Emergency Manager (a.k.a. dictator), 
  • won't tell us if that slush fund was the beneficiary of a big check from Aramark, the maggots-in-food people

What are the chances Rich Baird will suddenly realize he should have paid the Michigan pension tax, but it was the fault of his tax guy or the Treasury or someone else that he "overlooked" it?

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