Monday, August 18, 2014

Worst Candidate of the Year: "Silent Terri" Lynn Land

I won't make a habit of publishing, verbatim, news releases from others. But this latest email from Joshua Pugh at the Michigan Democratic Party lays out the facts pretty clearly: Terri Lynn Land's campaign for the U.S. Senate is only viable because 1) she has the Koch brothers et. al. giving her huge amounts of cash, and 2) she has dumped $3-million of her own (or her husband's) money into the campaign.
She seems clueless on the issues, she refuses to answer questions, she refuses to even tell people about planned campaign events.
I have referred to Silent Terri as "Sarah Palin without the charisma." But now, I think I'll switch to "Clarence Thomas without a lifetime appointment" since she seems to emulate America's silent Justice.

From: Michigan Democratic Party

VIDEO: Terri Lynn Land's Latest "Tour" A Major Bust 
Less than 80 Days to Election, Land Has Not Held Public Event 

LANSING - Former Republican National Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land went on a three-day bus tour through Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, but didn’t hold a single public campaign event or announce any stops in advance. The Michigan Democratic Party today released a video showing a person getting kicked out of multiple events during Land’s trip because event organizers stated that they were private and not open to the public. 

While Land was on her non-public trip last week, the Michigan Democratic Party held a Week of Action to highlight Land’s anti-middle class agenda. The week elicited additional questions that Land refuses to answer, such as:

1. How many employees does she have at Green Light Management?
  • Land has less than 50 employees, but how many are in the small business she touts? “Ms. Land's campaign had only said that Green Light Management LLC, the company she directly owns and that her campaign and Land and Company have said is separate from Land and Company, has fewer than 50 employees. That means it is not subject to any of the mandates under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act…It has not said whether Green Light offers health insurance to its employees, or if it does, whether that includes contraceptive coverage. Land campaign officials could not be reached late Monday evening for additional comment.” [Gongwer; 8/11/14]
2.  Why then did Land previously say that she employed hundreds? 
  • In August of last year, Land bragged: “We Were Fortunate Enough To Grow What Started As A Very Small Family Business Into A Successful Michigan Based Company That Provides Jobs For Hundreds Of Michigan Residents.” Reported the AP in August 2013, “Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land and her family have assets worth tens of millions of dollars, mostly in western Michigan apartment complexes and Florida condominiums run by her husband, according to a financial disclosure report. ‘We've been fortunate enough to grow what started as a very small family business into a successful Michigan-based company that provides jobs for hundreds of Michigan residents,’ the former Michigan secretary of state said in a statement Monday.” [Associated Press, 8/6/13]
3. How many vacation homes has she been hiding from the public?
  • Land revealed a previously undisclosed Florida vacation how many more homes is Land hiding? “The MDP also uncovered that Land didn't list a Kissimmee, Florida condominium in her financial disclosure form with the U.S. Senate. Eight other properties in Florida are listed on the form…However, the Land campaign reported that the condo is a vacation home for her and her husband, Dan Hibma, and is not required to be reported on the disclosure form because it doesn't generate income.” [MIRS; 8/12/14]
4. Why is Land not paying taxes on special perks from her family's business?
  • Land received a Land & Co. car and cell phone but hasn’t paid taxes on the benefits. “A Land & Co. spokesman confirmed to The Detroit News in July that Land had received an email address, car and cellphone through the business. She, too, had done unpaid work for the company. Because Land was never employed, she didn't have to pay taxes, the spokesman said. That's fodder for Democrats, who say one of Land's first campaign commercials touted her small business experience at the site that once held some 170 trailer park units and a motel. Families living there in 2004 had one year to move, with assistance in the form of relocation fees from the company, as developers worked to close the site down. Land's acceptance of company assets without paying taxes calls her employment history into question, [Lon] Johnson said. Questions, he argues, aren't being answered transparently.” [MLive; 8/14/14]

"Terri Lynn Land still hasn’t held a single public campaign event where Michiganders – not her hand-picked guests – can ask her questions about her business experience and potentially illegal self-funding," said Kevin McAlister, MDP Senior Communications Advisor. "Land still refuses to tell Michiganders the truth about her work for her family’s business, Land & Co., and defend her anti-middle class agenda. With less than 80 days until the election, Land is spending millions in negative attacks hoping to avoid accountability but Michiganders won’t let that happen. Land should agree to debates, so voters can hear from both candidates and judge for themselves.”

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