Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wal•Mart - The New Mayo Clinic?

Wal-Mart, never exactly a leader in providing employees with healthcare coverage, thinks it can turn healthcare into another profit center. The New York Times reports the company has opened six in-store healthcare clinics, a second shot at expanding into medicine.

It's worth noting that the six clinics are in Texas and South Carolina, two red states that refused to expand Medicaid (at federal expense) because that Obama guy is a Kenyan socialist Muslim or something. It's also worth noting that lower income people, the type who make up the bulk of Wal-Mart customers, will likely be using their Obamacare-subsidized insurance to pay their bill.

Two positive takeaways:

* Wal-Mart stores are a major presence in rural areas which are traditionally medically underserved. The new clinics will be popular, and are needed.

* Wal-Mart employees at the stores will only be charged a $4 co-pay assuming they are on the company's health plan. Of course, when you are only making minimum wage ...

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