Monday, August 18, 2014

The Link Letter

A few items that have caught my eye lately....

From the White House, more data demonstrating that when it comes to the economy, Barack Obama was a huge improvement over W. Job openings hit a 13-year high this summer.

An important rule in Michigan electoral politics is "don't screw up in Macomb County." The county is known for its ticket-splitting proclivities. When you get called out by the local news editor of The Macomb Daily, you've broken that rule. Jeff Payne writes "when it counted most, governor failed the test." Ouch!

The ride-sharing service Uber is a different business model: peer-to-peer commerce, similar in philosophy to eBay and AirBNB. Individual customers deal with individual entrepreneurs; Uber acts as the go-between. Uber is in dozens of cities across America. Customers love it, and The Google doesn't yield any news stories demonstrating problems with drivers and/or customers. But taxi companies and regulators aren't happy. In metro Lansing city leaders are taking a different approach, welcoming and encouraging innovation in commerce.

John Boehner, the least effective Speaker of the House in modern times, is sounding more and more like a member of the Fox & Friends half-wits. Steve Benen, who edits the MaddowBlog, writes the Boehner's contempt for Obama has reached a tipping point.

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