Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Schauer edges ahead of Snyder, 45% to 43%, in new governor race poll

This is the first lead for Schauer in the EPIC/MRA poll since April 2013.

"Snyder’s support among Republicans has softened slightly, Schauer’s name recognition has improved sharply, and he has widened his lead over Snyder among female voters" according to the Detroit Free Press story.

The recent barrage of stories detailing scandals small and not-so-small in the Snyder administration appear to be sinking in as voters start to pay attention to the race.

There's even more upside for Schauer - his name recognition, while significantly higher, is still only at 71%. Schauer and Snyder have similar margins among their party bases, good news for Schauer in a blue-leaning state. And he has a 15-point lead among women.

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