Thursday, August 14, 2014

As I Was Saying Before I Interrupted Myself Three Years Ago ...

Yup, the Michigan Curmudgeon is back.

For the last couple of years I've been posting random thoughts on my Facebook page "Citizen Sorg". Posts appeared whenever the muse moved me. But recently I have joined forces with two rather amazing women, Christine Barry and Amy Kerr Hardin. We're producing a weekly podcast talking in some depth about significant political events at the state and even local level. We call it the Michigan Policast.

I also spent a year writing for Lansing City Pulse, a weekly alternative newspaper that's done some really good reporting locally. But the constraints of size and content that go hand-in-hand with a print publication finally convinced me I needed a little more room.

Put it together and I'm back to blogging. No editors, no space limitations, no hard-and-fast publication schedule. But plenty of opportunity to spout off!

I've kept my old posts on the blog because I am proud of them. None has been edited from the original (I even noticed some typos that will stand). What I said then I continue to believe today. In several cases time has demonstrated I was right (at least, in my mind!).

I encourage open dialogue. Many of my friends disagree with me on issues; some of them just about all the time. My only rules for the discussions:

* Keep it civil. No name-calling or meaningless epithets (one of the favorites of the right is using 'liberal' as a four-letter word). President Obama isn't a socialist or Naza or Kenyan; Muslims are not inherently evil (23% of the world's population is Muslim!); the University of Michigan is a fine school even though I hate to admit it.

* Back up your rhetoric with facts. A link to an opinion website (say, World Net Daily,, The Daily Caller or Fox News) isn't proof ... it's just somebody with an opinion matching yours. The one exception is opinion from a recognized expert in the field. That ain't Glenn Beck...

* If you instinctively reject academic research, scientific studies or news stories in mainstream media as part of the vast left-wing conspiracy, just go away. I don't have time for people whose world view is formed through gut feelings that run counter to actual informed knowledge (think Copernicus and the Inquisition).

And, of course, I reserve the right to change the rules at anytime for any reason without notice. It's my playpen!

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