Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Some of the posts catching my eye this morning ---

This week's Michigan Policast featuring Amy Kerr Hardin and yours truly, the Michigan Curmudgeon.

The ride-sharing service regularly faces major pushback from regulators and taxi companies. In Michigan, Ann Arbor has been especially hostile (even though the customers in AA seem to love the service). Uber is waging its campaign with the mastermind behind President Obama's two campaigns.
(Disclosure: I am an Uber "partner" who takes people for rides in my Volt every weekend.)

An emerging theme in the campaign to end Rick Snyder's daily commute between his Ann Arbor mansion and Lansing takes its name from a popular politics-based TV series: "Scandal". Democrats are building a fact-based narrative of multiple scandals that show a pattern of different standards for top-level government appointees and the rest of us.
Today the Democratic Party unveiled a massive inflatable chair to illustrate what appears to be a little nepotism in the awarding of a $41-million furniture contract to a firm owned by Snyder's cousin. The money, it turns out, was used to outfit the offices of top Snyder appointees. (Back when I was a Blanchard appointee we got all of our furniture either from the state's recycle shop, or from prison industries. It was functional but leather-bound lounge chairs weren't an option.)
We'll attach links to news coverage of this story when they become available.
(Photo by Todd Tennis)

According to a report from the Michigan League for Public Policy, older citizens are left out in the cold.

The claim: Peters hasn't accomplished anything in Congress. The reality: he has. Money trumps truth once again as a really rich guy buys all the TV time he wants.

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